The slingshot is one of the oldest weapons in human history. If you look back through history, there have been numerous variations of this hand powered projectile weapon. The original design comes with a forked stick that you hold in your off hand. The two uprights are attached with two rubber bands; a pocket attached to the other ends of both rubber bands is where the projectile goes. To use it, grasp the pocket (with a projectile inside) with your dominant hand, draw it as far back as possible, aim and release.

Today, laser slingshots are the absolute ultimate in this type of weapon. They've come a long way since the old days of creating a slingshot out of a Y shaped stick and a couple of rubber strips. Laser slingshots use the latest technology and space age materials to deliver amazing accuracy and ease of use.'s products typically feature a laser pointer that instantly aligns to the trajectory of the projectile being fired. If you've fired a pistol before, then you won't have a problem using a laser slingshot because it aims exactly like a pistol. You will find that it shoots at targets with breath taking accuracy. Laser slingshots use a two axis pivoting system which keeps track of the projectile's trajectory based on the position of the pouch with regard to the fork. It may sound a little complicated, but really, all you need to do is place the red dot on a desired target... and let that bad boy rip!